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Stage your individual message with one of the five fascinating story’s. You work with an international team or customer? You’re writing history or wanting to tell a love story? You might be rounding of the year with a Christmas party? Then combine your personal content with one of the following gold shows. Each show visualizes an exciting story with atmospheric pictures, astonishing transitions and special composed music. Additionally you will add a personal accent with your company logo and individual photos. Join your message with the emotionality of SandArt for your guests.

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Sandbild von Tänzern neben dem Eiffelturm

Around the world

Around the world in 15 minutes!

This show is a musical and visual trip through the continents and always full of euphoria and excitement for global companies, international audience and world travelers.

You would like to integrate an important location or place such as the Opera of Sydney, or individualize the show with your logo or Key Visual? If yes, then book “Around the world” as a gold show.

Sandbild von Albert Einstein

Journey through time

The history of humanity in 15 minutes!

This show is a musical and visual trip from the beginning of humanity through cultural masterpieces of poets, thinkers and composers.

Set one of your important personal traits or event in line with Mozart, Goethe and Einstein with an astonishing portrait to your anniversary as the concluding highlight of the show. Standing ovations are guaranteed.

Sandbild eines sich küssenden Brautpaares

Love story

15 minutes of pure emotion!

The show for weddings. This is a love story from the first acquaintance to the engagement all the way to the wedding. Emotional music guarantees for goosebumps and the individual portrait of the bridal couple is the highlight.

Did the bridal couple meet at a special location that should be integrated into the show? Is there a special song that should be integrated into the music? If yes, then book “Love story” as a gold show.

Sandbild eines Embrios

Celebration of life

Celebrate the wonder of life and humanity!

A very popular show for charity events and galas full of emotional music and spiritual pictures.

Would you like to present a good cause or visualize a special project? If yes, then book “Celebration of Life” as a gold show.

“Thank you for your creative contribution. Your show was defiantly the highlight of the evening!”
Kathrin Busch & Andreas Thielemeier - POSTGALERIE Karlsruhe
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