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Diamond show

You have a special event for your message that you would like to present emotionally and exclusively in an individual show? If yes, then book a diamond show. The content and priorities are coordinated and discussed within the lines of a personal briefing with graduate designer Frauke Menger. The Artist will work out a concept for the individual show especially for you and will visualize it professionally with a story board. Additionally a unique and one of a kind music cut will also be created to your concept. Show your guests your appreciation and create a one of a kind experience in combination of your message with the emotion of SandArt.

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The opening of Carrera World in Nuremberg

The absolute individual diamante show tells a story in stages containing the five elements and the Carrera Car racetrack. The element earth represents the Carrera World, the air stands for the Carrera RC Helicopter, the water for agility and of course the Carrera RC boats, the fire represents the motor sports and the powerful racing bolides and finally the fifth element “Carrera” binds them all together within the new Carrera World.


Frauke Menger während eines Briefings am Telefon

Personal briefing

The base for a good show is set with a personal briefing. The graduate designer Frauke Menger combines her extensive experience in cooperation with advertising and marketing agencies with her as an artist to work out the most important content of your story. This allows everything to be optimally implemented into SandArt.

Mehrere Storyboards für Sandmalerei Shows


The artist develops the concept of the stage show based on the individual briefings. Content, pictures and transitions are developed and coordinated. Visualization techniques are introduced to lead to a professional story board.

Computer mit Musikschnitt-Software geöffnet

Music cut/editing

Appropriate music is researched and chosen fitted to the event and concept. These pieces are additionally mixed to an individual music cut. Hereby we especially regard the suspense that is exposed from each individual concept.

Frauke Menger beim Üben einer Sandmalerei Show

Rehearsal to the music

The practical preparation begins when the conceptual phase is completed. The show along with the music is then rehearsed and perfected according to the story board. Every photo, transition and every hand movement with sand must be choreographed in order to be in perfect sequence to the music for the live performance.

Frauke Menger während eines Live Auftritts

Performance at your event

The detailed preparations are the highlights of the live performance. This individual performance created for your guest’s shows great appreciation to them. This combines an amusing content with the highest artistic demands and great emotionality. Create an unforgettable experience for your guests.

The 90th company anniversary of Stihl

The individual diamond show especially contributed to the 90th anniversary of our “Stihl” company has combined the milestones of firm history with famous personalities, products and logos in a unique way. The founder of the company has been portrayed in sand as well as the following generation that advanced its worldwide expansion who was even present at our celebration. An additional peculiarity was the fact, that the show was divided into two performances, the first one fitting the original logo dominated in blue. The second part adapted the current logo and corporate identity in orange. As “Stihl” is a producer of motor saws it was very effective to hear the appropriate sounds integrated into the music which created an overwhelming feeling amongst the audience.

“The performance was absolute top class. Fascinating, impressive and very empathetic.”
Jörg Kreuder - Heinze GmbH
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