SandArt Frauke Menger

The highlight for your event!
Foto von Frauke Menger am Sandtisch
Your message emotionally presented

SandArt enables you to communicate your message directly and emotionally without a language barrier. The individual interplay of flowing pictures and music enables a new level of storytelling. The content is conveyed in an entertaining manner with a high level of artistic skill and ambition. There can be an audience of 10 or 10,000 people – whether Flagship store or Olympic Hall, SandArt inspires!

Sandbild einer Szene aus dem Film Titanic
Make your event unforgettable

SandArt creates lasting memories. The combination of atmospheric music and alternating scenes that build upon each other makes the audience curios. They dive into the story being told, become an active part of it and identify themselves with the story. SandArt anchors messages emotionally!

Sandbild des Fußball-WM Pokals vor dem Brandenburger Tor
Present your guests

SandArt touches many senses through the simultaneous address. With great sense for the individual audience the experienced artist Frauke Menger develops a sophisticated orchestration that will inspire and move the audience. SandArt gives your guests a unique experience!

Sandbild eines Blumenstraußes
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SandArt for your special occasion

Sandbild VIP-Event


Roll out the red carpet for your award presentation, customer/client events, congresses and exhibitions, incentive events for your employees or sales meetings. SandArt will captivate your VIP’s.

Sandbild Galas


Bring a new shine to the ballroom – whether a company anniversary, charity event, ball or Christmas party. Take advantage of the large stage with SandArt to make these events more festive.

Sandbild Produktpräsentationen

Product presentations

Your message is the main focus. Whether a new introduction, logo presentation, launching, re-launch or re-branding, SandArt will narrate your story in a fascinating way.

Sandbild Hochzeiten


Make your special day unforgettable with a unique SandArt performance whether you are celebrating a wedding ceremony, wedding anniversary, golden weeding, round birthday or family reunion. SandArt will ensure lasting memories for the people in the main focus and of course their guests.

“An absolute genius performance! We have never had so much praise after a presentation.”
Sabine Braun - L'TUR

Show Highlights

Other performances

Show packages

Silver show

Symbol für das Silber Show Package
  • Selection from 5 fascinating stories
  • Varied, professional music cut / editing
  • 10 – 15 minute show act

Gold show

Symbol für das Gold Show Package
  • Selection from 5 fascinating stories
  • Varied, professional music cut / editing
  • 10 – 15 minute show act
  • Additional 2 - 3 individual pictures including a closing image / logo

Diamond show

Symbol für das Diamant Show Package
  • Individual concept for your event
  • Personal briefing
  • Sketched storyboard
  • Coordinated music cut / editing
  • 10 – 15 minute individual show act
"Your performance took this event to a whole other level"
Carsten Hartig - Emendo Event&Congress

SandArt customers

ADAC Logo in Sand gemalt
Audi Logo in Sand gemalt - Version 1
Bayer Logo in Sand gemalt
Datev Logo in Sand gemalt
Huawei Logo in Sand gemalt
Mc Donald's Logo in Sand gemalt
Roche Logo in Sand gemalt - Version 1
Weleda Logo in Sand gemalt
Deutsche Bank Logo in Sand gemalt
Swarovski Logo in Sand gemalt - Version 2
BMW Logo in Sand gemalt
O2 Logo in Sand gemalt - Version 2
Further customers

What customers have to say

It was like a dream! Everyone of us was really excited. We are still speaking about this Christmas party.
Jennifer Gögelein - Weleda
Your sand performance had such an enduring impact on the viewers that it evoked plenty of impressive reactions. Mostly because one can sense your art is deeply connected to the power of a human heart, to a female heart!
Sr. M. Vernita Weiß
We did not only get to know Frauke Menger as a tremendous artist, but also as a very friendly and down to earth person.
Tamara Hammer
I am so grateful for these minutes full of a fascinating, wonderful and unique performance. I am not exaggerating by mentioning that I was really deeply moved by this non-recurring beauty that you are able to create with simple sand.
Ullrich B.
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