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„It was just magnificent – YOU were magnificent.“
Kerstin Linn - Euro-Finanz-Service AG


  • At this point I would like to thank you again for the fascinating performance! The precision the way you incorporated our story with such creativeness and emotionality with the medium of sand was unique and very gripping. The entire team was delighted and felt “taken along” this journey.
    Thank you again, I hope we will have the chance to work together again in the future.
    Michaela Kunert for the whole Virology Team - MSD
  • I would like to make you a great compliment for the excellent show. The response to the performance was very impressive. A guest put into words what a huge contribution you have made with this show. “…that was a magnificent event, worthy and elegant, nevertheless entertaining, amusing, and thanks to SandArt an unforgettable experience.“
    Your opening is always emphasized as very impressive in our feedbacks regarding the event.
    Reinhard Graf - Bayerische Versorgungskammer
  • I would like to thank you with all my heart for the excellent performance at our WACKER 100 year anniversary. The hosts Mr. Dr. Wacker and his wife are very happy with this emotional and very personal event of the 100th birthday of our company. It was the highlight of the anniversary celebration.
    Congratulations to this successful evening. It was fun working together.
    Jörg Hettmann - Senior Vice President Wacker Chemie AG
  • Thank you for the fascinating artistic contribution. It was like a gold band being weaved with a fine hand with great instinct throughout the lines of the event which provided a fascinating and inspiring atmosphere.
    You made this anniversary a mass appeal.
    Hartwig Fuchs - CEO Nordzucker AG
  • One more time I want to thank you sincerely for this impressive and emotional performance of your art. Every single person attending was magnetized and excited. We are so grateful for you being with us on our celebration and enriching our event with your art.
    Dagmar Rißmann
  • You know how to fascinate people and how to touch them deeply within their hearts. This is not only due to your art at the highest stage but also to your willingness to share yourself and your imagery with us.
    Christian Treumann
  • It was like a dream! Everyone of us was really excited. We are still speaking about this Christmas party.
    Jennifer Gögelein
  • We did not only get to know Frauke Menger as a tremendous artist, but also as a very friendly and down to earth person.
    Tamara Hammer
  • Your sand performance had such an enduring impact on the viewers that it evoked plenty of impressive reactions. Mostly because one can sense your art is deeply connected to the power of a human heart, to a female heart!
    Sr. M. Vernita Weiß
  • I am so grateful for these minutes full of a fascinating, wonderful and unique performance. I am not exaggerating by mentioning that I was really deeply moved by this non-recurring beauty that you are able to create with simple sand.
    Ullrich B.


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